Singapore Essay outlines

“The Singapore dream is based on success and money.” Do you agree?

Key words

Singapore dream:
Collective goal or ambitions of the people (could be people led or government initiated)
Is based on money and success:
Indicating that $ and success are the FOUNDATION and basis for most ambitions of our nation. Success and $ can also be seen as the ULTIMATE GOAL.

Possible stands:
Yes, but (safest and most logical)
Prove that the Singapore dream has largely been founded on these two principles and that the ultimate GOAL is still to achieve success and money (even if there are intermediate goals)

Argument:The Singapore dream is based on the notion that equality and meritocracy will help us to carve out success for everyone. Yet, success in our society is measured mainly in material terms.

Reasoning + Evaluation: The dream of the average Singaporean is achieving the 5 Cs - career, car, credit cards, condominium and a country club membership. Education in Singapore is less about the process of learning and more about getting into a reputable school and attaining the necessary qualifications to get a job with a good pay. The ends are always economic in nature. Every year parents scramble to get their children into good schools. Schools and students cram knowledge to pass national examinations to arm themselves with the paper qualifications to get a job in a big corporation. The dream of having material possessions, a sign that one has ‘arrived’ in society translates into a life spent working to pay off more loans .

Conclusion: With the focus placed primarily on tangible, measurable achievements further reinforced by the government’s drive to push Singapore onto the global stage, there is no doubt that the Singaporean dream is based on success and money.
Other possible arguments (dream is based on $ success)

The statement is true to a large extent as Singapore was an immigrant society. Our ancestors came to seek a better life. They were here to look for better opportunities and basically to seek greater wealth. This background of our forefathers has made Singaporeans very pragmatic, goal-oriented people. To many of us, happiness is to succeed in our career or business which ultimately gives us the means to live the life we desire.

can be seen by the little importance that our society places on ventures with little economic returns

Overwhelming focus on achieving accolades and titles (most ‘competitive’ economy, most globalised, aviation. Bio-medical hub, renaissance city – much of it tied to being seen as a significant member on the global stage.)

Balance (BUT)

Show that these ‘dreams’ (often government nurtured) are not necessarily tied to monetary terms.
The Singapore dream is also about building a harmonious, peaceful society for our children to grow up in as more feel they have a stake in the country’s future.

Sg dream is also about a better QUALITY of LIFE – not merely standard of living. The Singapore dream is constantly evolving, and as the nation matures and people enjoy a high standard of living, they seek the non-material aspects of life.

SG dream is also about creating a gracious/civic minded society (government initiated)

SG dream is also about nation building in terms of having loyal citizens with a sense of belonging who take an active role in society.


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