Mass Media Essay Outlines

Do you agree that with the emergence of new media, there will be a greater need for censorship?

Key words

New Media:
the digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies
characteristics of being compressible, linked to a network and can be manipulated

Indicates likelihood
Greater need:
Indicates increase

Possible stands:

YES the emergence of New Media calls for a greater need for censorship

NO greater censorship will destroy the effectiveness of New Media

YES BUT need does not translate to effectiveness

Prove using current trends that New Media introduces new characteristics which are potentially harmful to the individual, organisations and nations and hence require additional monitoring


Argument: New Media allows for the easy access of information by anyone who has the necessary technology.
Reason: This eliminates the screening process that is usually put in place to protect minors from accessing socially undesirable information.
Explanation: Pornography is easily accessible by minors as such websites do not require proof of age, merely a credit card number. Some pornographic websites even allow ‘sneak previews’ of what they have to offer.
Evaluation: Exposure to such material at a young age can result in sexual illnesses, unplanned pregnancies and even rape. Without the proper guidance, children can develop a warped understanding of intimacy which can prove to be detrimental to them in later years.
Conclusion: Therefore, in order to prevent such free flow of socially undesirable information, there is a greater need for censorship.

Other possible arguments (YES)

User to user interactivity = anyone can use it for any purpose terrorist networks/cults using internet for propaganda and recruitment purposes need to protect public or keep them informed
insensitive remarks need to maintain harmony in society
Intricate network connections = hacking need to protect people’s privacy
Digitalization of media = piracy need to protect profits & intellectual property rights

Balance (BUT)

It may not be effective to censor New Media as it is hard to police the cyberspace or control how information is disseminated through New Media
Governments need to constantly come up with more effective and innovative ways to censor it.

Possible arguments (NO)

New Media is a tool for social change as it allows people to share ideas and express themselves freely.
Allows for self-censorship
Cyberspace as a platform for democracy
Real time compressible information
Marginal harm done


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