Sci and Technology Essay Outlines

Can we rely on science and technology to solve our environmental problems?

Key words:

A: can – is it possible based on current egs and evidence
B: rely – to depend on the ability of science and tech/its promises
C: solve – to mitigate the damaging effects, reduce total levels of pollution etc . Not necessarily eliminate.

Possible stands:

Yes/Y but/extent: We can rely on scitech (why) to solve our environmental problems so long as there are other conditions/factors which aid in ensuring success
N: We cannot rely on scitech to solve our environmental problems (limitations/problems of scitech)

Proving Yes, but:

Explain/give egs of how scitech can be used to solve environmental problems. / Consider the limitations of reliance on scitech and what other efforts need to be in place.
What does CAN require me to do?
•Yes/No – reasons why it can be achieved
•Predictive in nature. We ‘can’ because (pointing to evidence today that indicates that change is imminent) 
Argument: Scitech has led to the creation of alternative energy, which does not affect nor aggravate the environment.
Reason: Renewable energy technologies are increasingly reducing the dependence on fossil fuel resources, thus providing opportunities to mitigate and eventually, eliminate the more damaging effects of climate change.
Explanation: Brazil has one of the largest renewable energy programs in the world, involving production of ethanol fuel from sugar cane. In 2006, ethanol fuel provided 18% of the country's road transport sector fuel consumption needs.By April 2008, more than 50% of fuel consumption for the gasoline market was provided for by this biofuel.
Evaluation: Empowered by scitech, renewable energy is now a possible option for vehicle owners. Unlike fossil fuels, biofuels, one of many renewable energy sources, is biodegradable and far less toxic that fossil fuels, thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.
Conclusion: If scitech is used to continue developing and improving available renewable energy, scitech can be relied on to do more in reducing our environmental problems.

Other possible arguments

We can also rely on it FOR ‘TECHNICAL FIXES’
> promote greater EFFICIENCY
> Reduce total AMOUNT of resources required to produce energy
(zero emission systems, clean energy industries, recyclable materials)

(conditional) S&T can be relied on so long as there are other supporting factors
Collective support, political will, education, awareness.
Many countries now recognize the need to treat the environment as shared heritage and hence are willing to work towards conservation on a global scale.


Reliance on scientific & technological advances may be too expensive. It has not been cost efficient for companies and (developing) countries which do not have the financial ability to dedicate to the environmental cause. Bread and butter issues are still very real for people in various parts of the world.

(limits of S&T) There is a need to consider science and tech alongside: political will, co-operation, change in mindsets and attitudes towards consumerism/greed
Eg: It is hard to arrive at an agenda for conservation as different nations face different environmental problems and have different approaches. The developments in science and technology have not resolved these differences.

Science and technology are the main culprits of environmental problems in the first place;


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