Paper 2 Comprehension Strategies - Short Questions Part 2


1) Main Idea & Author's Stand - (Always have Questions about examples and quotation)

Example :
Pornography ( Main Idea)
Author's Stand ( against violent porn)
Ask yourself Questions : Impact of porn? Censorship? -ve impact to be regulated? to anticipate what is to come.
Compre Skills ( based on comprehension passage - To be uploaded ASAP )

Questions 1 type :

On one end / On the other end - Words that draw contrast.

On one end - Ads for stain lotion sex education text ( not harmful )
On the other end - Penthouse Rape billing ( harmful )

- Cast aside your prior knowledge
- When examples come together, they must be commonality

ANS : What if the ANS is real porn and not real porn?
1st Sentence states that porn can mean almost anything
Title states that its porn

( shows that there's no main stand)

2) Good vs Bad? Good and bad are bad words ( Innocuous)
( too vague)

3) 2 Extreme ends of porn
( Paraphrasing)

4) beneficial vs harmful
( No link to author's stand)

Question 2 type :

1) Subject of porn
2) Significance --> even

Interpretation How do we explain " in this context
Over sensible people" Calm and logical

ANS : People who are usually calm will tend to be angry and the subject of pron is sensitive and debatable.

"Subject of porn" - Debatable, sensitive and controversial ( how people react )

What if it's only 1 mark? Write about the subject.

Question 3 : Paraphrasing
- Punctuation ( Comma ) - Different points
- Think of different context
" Exploiting women through the use of degrading images"
"exploiting women" - taking Advantage

Portray women as sex objects. Corruption of children"
Question 4 : Punctuation - Inverted commas
2 ways :

Opposite - "exploiting women through the use of degrading images"
portray women as sex objects.
" corruption of children"

Irony - : expected usually actual however
"polluting their mind/Women & Children"
"minors and toddlers/Adolescent

- Opposite/Irony

Should we rephrase innocent or fun?
INNOCENT look at the author's stand.
(Debating about whether porn is harmful

ANS : The author feels that the treatment is actually cruel.
Question 5 : Identify the phrase .

against censorship - Responsible , proclaim god given rights

ANS : not natural bedfellows
Question 6 : Paraphrasing

Examples - What do they do?

Who is responsible/ Liberals

ANS : They are entitled to do whatever they like and do not want an over conservative culture restricted.
Question 7: paraphrasing and inference

Colon: magazine Books - Explanation

View something as entertainment - Harmless, acceptable

2) ought to -- entitled/rights
( they feel that they have the right to watch porn.

3) far from being powerful - Harmless ( might have harmful effects )

ANS : They think that it is harmless and acceptable and feel that they have the right to view porn. However, it is not proven as it might have harmful effects.
Question 8: Influence : Suggest

.. if its fascist or not in accordance with...."

similar/not similar

repressive : extremely controlled.

ANS : It is repressive ad extremely controlled.
Question 9: Inference

"... in which - explanation for something before it.
"... But..." - Romans' attitude is completely different.
how they view sex then?

extremely open/ Liberal

ANS : They have a very permissive attitude towards sex.
Question 10: paraphrasing + inference
-- Different parts + Do not love - Lack of emotional fulfillment
Do not consider sex joyful and life
Enhancing unpleasant and repulsive attitude

ANS : Users of pornography has unpleasant and repulsive attitude/ nations towards sex and feel lonely or lack emotional fulfillment.


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