GP Essay Skills - Paper 2 - Paraphrasing Questions


Question Types:

- Explain what the author means by “….” Use your own words as far as possible.

- What does the author mean when he says “…” Use your own words as far as possible.


- To test if you can understand ideas well enough to put them in your own words


- What is the question asking you to do? Directional terms, eg. ‘why’ à provide reasons

- Identify the key idea in the passage and express it in your own words


i. Why would women be more comfortable in the workplace nowadays than in the past? Use your own words as far as possible. [2] (‘A’ Level 2007)



“This coincided with the revolution in the nature of the workplace where, on the production line… confrontational management has largely given way to cooperative enterprises in which women feel at home.”

The unprecedented change in the formerly autocratic, male-dominated working style to an environment that was more collaborative made women feel more at comfortable at the workplace.”


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