GP Practice Essay 2

1. Sports is the only global language. Discuss.

2. Do you agree that most people today have no regard for the Arts?

3. “Not all boundaries which divide people are drawn on maps.” Discuss.

4. Discuss, with regard to Singapore, the need to regulate the media.

5. “We are prisoners of history.” Comment.

6. To what extent do you agree that knowledge is good and ignorance is evil?

7. Is it better to be a leader or a follower?

8. Is it fair to say that Singaporeans pursue education to get good jobs and earn lots of money?

9. Do you think it is fair to say that Science has done little to improve the quality of our life?

10. What are the most basic human rights that need to be protected?

11. Do you believe that nature determines the gender roles that we play?

12. Is what way is the younger generation’s perception of the future different from that of their elders?


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