Steps in Planning an Argumentative Essay

Steps in planning an Argumentative Essay

1) Query the relevant keywords in question
2 Identify key issues
3) Uncover Assumptions
4) brainstorm both sides
5) broaden and deepen (Scope and depth)
6) take a stand
7) Identify 2 strongest arguments on opposing sides, problematise and answer
8) Thesis statement

organisation when writing the essay
II) introduction

1) grabber
2) transition
3) thesis Statement

II) Body
1) Topic Sentence
2) Elaboration

III) Conclusion
1) Final thought
2) Recommendations
3) Imaginary scenario
4) Thought provoking question

Argumentative Essay titles
1) 'Children today are too pampered." Do you agree?
2) "obtaining a degree is a good measure of one's success in life." What are your views?
3) "teenagers should be given freedom at choice." What are your views
4)" Single Sex schools are better than co-ed schools." Do you agree?


2) "Obtaining a degree is a good measure of one's success in life" What are your views?

Step 1

Obtaining- accquiring
Good -Accurate
measure - yardstick, criterion
Success- Attainment of goals

material well being, happiness, love in family, spiritual englightenment, fame, outstanding achievements, altrustic achievements

Step 2

Key Issues
Life's goals

Step 3
Qualifications would open many doors, options
Education, you are more knowledgable to seize, get hold of opportunites
Social Status, recognition

Step 4, Step 5
Agree : Qualification - good career - money
knowledge training KBE - fame, breakthrough - furfilling/ satisfying
Social Status - respected

Disagree: Different goals of life ( Homemaker - happiness, love)
Different talents, not only academic ( Tiger woods in sports, actors/actresses in arts) ( different routes to fame and material well-being )
Even in KBE, people can succeed without a degree ( Steve Jobs, Sim Wong Hoo, Elim Chew ( Creative Entrepreneurial)

Step 6
Stand: Obtaining a degree is not a good measure of one's success in life.
Step 7:
2 strongest arguments on opposing sides : Qualification KBE ( knowledge-based Economy)

Step 8: Thesis
Obtaining a degree is not a good measure of one's success in life because life goals are unique to each person and many other types of talents, other than academic excellence are recognised in society/


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