Globalization Essay Questions

1) Why is it that the most predictions about the future are full of doom and gloom? Do you think such an attitude is justified? (HCI prelim 07)

2) "To think that the world will one day become a global village is utter nonsense." What do you think? (HCI Prelim 07)

3) With all the challenges facing it, the world is heading for a disaster. Comment. AJC prelim 07)

4) The benefits of globalisation are overrated. To what extent do you agree? (AJC Prelim 07)

5) hard work is the key to success. Is this true in today's globalised world? (NJC Prelim 07)

6) In the recent light of health alarms, is globalisation more than a curse than a blessing? (NJC prelim 07)

7) There is no room for small business in this globalised world. Comment. (SAJC Prelim 07)

8) "unity is diversity" Can this ever be achieved? (PJC Prelim 07)

9) To what extent is a homogenous world culture desirable? ( TJC Prelim 07)

10) "being monolingual in a globalised world is definitely a disadvantage" Discuss. (RJC Prelim 07)

11) One world, one dream. Is mankind deluding itself? (VJC Prelim 07)

12) "Consumerism is the new religion." How far is this reflected in the values and behaviour of youth today? (NYJC Prelim 07)

13) Do you think we are obesessed with progress today? MJC prelim 07)

14) To what extent has your society pursued economic progress at the expanse of morality today? (MI Prelim 07)

15) " The worst of times." Is this an accurate picture of the modern world?
(MI Prelim 07)


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