Mass Media Essay Questions List

Mass Media Essay Questions

1) "Television is indeed a true mirror of modern society, unfortunately, the image it reflects is an extremely ugly one." Comment (HCI Prelim 07)

2) Flims are never better than books. To what extent is this true? (AJC Prelim 07)

3) Movie Adaptation never do justice to the written word. Comment. (NJC Prelim 07)

4) With the rise of new media, censorship is needed more than ever. Do you agree?
(SAJC Prelim 07)

5) Account for the increasing facination with celebrities in modern society. Do you think this is a cause for concern? (PJC Prelim 07)

6) "Citizen Journalism is more about ego than it is about impact." Discuss (PJC Prelim 07)

7) "The usage of blogs is utterly natural" What is your view? (YJC Prelim 07)

8) To what extent are our perceptions manipulated by the media (YJC prelim 07)

9) Examine the claim that the development of virtual worlds on the internet is a desirable one. (VJC Prelim 07)

10) Censorship is the best means of defence against unwholesome values. Discuss
(NYJC prelim 07)

11) "The media is guilty of misguiding" To what extent is this true? (TPJC Prelim 07)

12) "All news is necessarily fiction" Do you agree? (ACJC prelim 07)

13) "Censorship is a hinderance to education.: Dsicuss with reference to your own society.
(IJC prelim 07)

14) "There is no such thing as privacy today. Comment (MJC prelim 07)


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