Essay Strategies - Question Types

Question Types covered

1) Absolute Propositions
2) Direct Argumentative
3) "Extent" Questions

1) Structure of Essay:
Introduction: General Statements + Balanced Thesis (Stand + reasons for support --> Scope of arguments + Clarification of key terms)

2) Argument development in each paragraph

Situation in general

--> Marriage is still relevant because
--> Explanation of Argument -- Examples of evidence, linking statement back to stand

Topic Sentence (Argument that supports Stand + Explanation of argument --> Reasoning +Evidence to support argument and/or reasoning + concluding statement)

3) Conclusion: Reiteration of stand with most important argument for support

Brainstorming Tools

CAF--> Consider all factors --> SPERM

CAL--> Consider all levels --> Individual, family, community, Society, Country, Religion, International

Another Approach:

You can consider "extent of truth" questions by comparing the significance of the causes of problem with other causes or limitations of the solution raised in solving the problem before bringing in other factors. This should not be approached like an absolute proposition

4th Question type:

"The new media serves the interest of the citizens, not the authority". Do you agree?

Approach: Acknowledge some truth in statement (how the new media serves interest of citizens before rejecting absoluteness in statement(by showing how it also serves the interest of the authority)


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