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Prelim Q: Too much focus has been placed on attaining success in today’s world. DYA?

AGREE: If there is ‘too much focus’ – how do you know?
At what expense/cost?
DISAGREE: If it is not ‘too much’ – why?
How is this pursuit of success necessary or adequate?

Q: Is the Singapore society too result driven?

If no – why not? Why are these competitive, bottom-line attitudes necessary?
If yes – why? What evidence do you have?
In both questions, a judging criteria is needed to ascertain“too much”

Judging criteria for “too much”

We are “too” result focused
A yardstick is needed to determine this:
a) Either – we have sacrificed/compromised on something OF VALUE
b) Or there have been severe repercussions in doing so.
I must describe how SG has done either a) or b) = TOO MUCH

Q: Not enough is done for the weak/disadvantaged in Singapore. DYA?

Agree: If it is not enough – why not?
What else can and should be done?
Why is it very possible for us to do so?
Disagree: If it is enough – why?
What evidence do you have?
A judging criteria is needed for “enough”

Judging criteria for “enough

Either – we have done all we can considering our limited resources
Or – the extent of us doing so is great and has satisfied the needs of the disadvantaged.
examine according to outcome not by amount:

What else must I do to prove ‘enough’?

Singapore has done enough because today, MNCS alongside government bodies and altruistic individuals have raised awareness and donated large amounts of money towards improving the infrastructure for the disabled, highlighting the plight of the disadvantaged through numerous educational campaigns and taking the lead to even create viable employment for the disadvantaged….

Sometimes the easy way out is to simply state ‘not enough’

Acknowledge what has been done
Then describe : What more can be done – suggest what additions/improvements can be made to current policies
And why this is so vital

Checking for Q requirements: proving

“still” / “priority” / “relevance”


Q: Is censorship still of value in this digital age
Q: Equality is still a myth today. Discuss.
Comparison with the past: assumption that the phenomenon was true before, but today things should have/may have changed.
Agree: Prove that there has been little change from past to present.
Give reasons why censorship
Give reasons and egs why inequality ‘still’ exists.

Priority – what is your criteria

Do you agree that the first priority of medical science is not to preserve life, but to enhance it.

Priority: Status established in order of importance or urgency

“relevant” in today’s world?

Is the family still relevant in the modern world?
Religion is no longer relevant in the 21st century. Discuss.

Context is important!
Role/ function + value for individuals/society = relevance
Regardless of changes in context/circumstance.

Checking for Q requirements: proving 2

“will” / “is, are”
“should” vs “can”

More proving type questions: ‘possible’

It is now possible to promote sustainable development. Do you agree?

Give current reasons/egs to substantiate why it is possible
(what technology do we possess, what are the current mindsets of governments, is there greater collective effort today compared to yesterday)

More proving type questions: ‘will’, ‘is/are’

2. Examine the claim that we are/will be living in the age of global terror.
Are: proving by examples that this is ___________________
Will be: predicting by examples that this is ____________________

Are: already happening
Will be: likely to happen based on current evidence

Proving type questions: ‘should’ vs ‘can’

1. Can the goal of equality ever be achieved?
What does CAN require me to do?
Yes/No – reasons why it can be achieved
Predictive in nature. We ‘can’ because (pointing to evidence today that indicates that change is imminent)

2. Should equality be a goal to strive for?
Providing justifications why equality is worthy. What is the importance/benefit?

Checking for Q requirements: extent

‘How far’ /


To what extent is education a powerful social leveller in society?
Evaluate if education has been successful in reducing inequality
Explain how it does so with egs.
But acknowledge that to some extent, it has also been ineffective because…
DO NOT simply discuss WHAT ELSE can promote equality (laws, govt policies etc) without evaluating education at all.

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