Mastering the Application Question AND SUMMARY

Things to note!

Read the AQ before reading the passage
Paraphrase points as and when you get to them
Write down your thoughts & feelings about these points
Remember that examples ILLUSTRATE an argument
Evaluate & Apply!

CHECK for grammar errors 

Scoring between 1 – 3 for AQ

Briefly EXPLAIN author’s/authors’ views
Sum it up in 2 sentences or LESS
Where’s my R1?!
R1 is the MAIN question you MUST answer
Look for the QUESTION MARK! (that’s a clue)
What’s my stand?
Be careful! Read the question carefully!
Take sides OR find a compromise
It’s NOT always about agreeing!!


Scoring 3 - 5 for AQ

Must provide at least 2 arguments from passage
From R2
Pick an argument from either passage/author as a starting point
Relate this to R1
Use examples from the passage to assist
Explain using R3
Repeat for next paragraph using a similar or contrasting argument from the other passage/author


Scoring 5 and above for AQ

Everything must have a beginning & end
At least 2 sets of arguments given
Arguments should eventually lead to stand taken
There MUST be an introduction and conclusion
Arguments MUST be well organised

Mastering the Summary

Read question CAREFULLY
How many parts are there?

How many points to find?
Do I need to exercise inferential skills?

Look for SIMILAR points
REDUCE repetition
Look for sentences containing more than ONE point

Learn to infer CORRECTLY!
Retain ORIGINAL meaning
Phrasal verbs

Word 4 word replacement
Sentence replacement/summary
Idea replacement

Emotive, subjective
Logical, objective
Real world examples
Tenable/ viable/ feasible/ practical
Author’s credentials
Related field


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