GP Essay Skills - Paper 2 - Application Question


- Get your requirements straight: R1: Stand, or the statements which answer the question; R2: Evaluation of arguments from passage(s); R3: Own knowledge and experience

- Anchor your response around your R1, which is essentially THE QUESTION you have to answer. (R1A + R1B = TWO QUESTIONS)

- Use ‘SEA’: Select (Paraphrase/Expand) Argument, Evaluate, Apply.

- Select 3-4 arguments from the passage.

- EVALUATION to show agreement: Show how argument is sound, logical, observed/manifested/reflected in society (leaders, policies, practices etc)

- EVALUATION to show disagreement: Choose extreme/controversial/problematic argument in the passage and show how argument does not hold – it may be idealistic, untenable, inconsistent, poorly substantiated, having loopholes in argumentation, inapplicable/irrelevant etc. Question the author’s assumption or logic!

- Evaluation also includes informed personal opinions/observations; a synthesized understanding of the ‘big picture’; an overarching exploration of origins (eg. origins of a particular culture/mindset) or societal structures; assessment or weighing of gains/losses, benefits/disadvantages, or a critical commentary of the author’s language/tone (do this only after discussing content!)

- EXAMPLES include: Real-world trends, governmental policies, statistics, surveys, patterns of behaviour, social/cultural practices and mindsets etc. (Do NOT cite isolated examples or hypothetical examples!)

- *As AQs would not necessarily ask you which one you agree with more or which is more applicable to your society, you need to know which arguments to select as PLATFORMS to defend your stand.


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