GP Essay Skills - Paper 2 -Summary


- Tests your ability to distill and extract main points from a passage

- Paraphrase clauses, not sentences. Each clause usually contains a single idea which counts for at least ½ mark.

- Do not conflate points – state each distinct idea where possible

- Do not paraphrase whole example - infer the main idea from example

- Address the different parts of the summary systematically. (Eg. THREE-PART SUMMARY: Summarise what the author has to say about why people accept the authority of the State, the justifications given for limiting its authority, and the problems associated with some of these justifications.)

- Signal directional change or create transition: “Yet,” “However,” “One solution is…”



(SAJC Pre-Prelim 2008)

i. A number of parents sought to have their kids classified as special-education students, which would entitle them to extra time on standardized tests. (INFER POINT FROM EXAMPLE)

They (parents and/or children) often resort to dishonesty / deceit

ii. Kids…have a keen sense of competing with others … and are developing identities geared to that. (DISTILL THE DIFFERENT KEY IDEAS IN THE SEPARATE CLAUSES)

These children possess a strong / deep / intense urge to defeat others / be better / more successful than other…and their characters / personalities are being shaped in that direction.

iii. Many hailed from villages where the American culture of competition is alien, but once they got here, they changed fast. (PARAPHRASE THE WHOLE IDEA)

However, people easily / can quickly adjust / adapt their mindset / mentality regarding ambition when they move to a different place.


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